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Memorial Message
In honour of the memory of Harpist Gail Barber

In the nineties, I was studying medical astrology with Dr. Ingrid Naiman.  I was going to have a music therapy session with Ingrid Naiman. Great was my surprise, when Gail Barber volunteered to play live for me. Gail Barber improvised, what she felt was right and needed all through the session.

Imagine the very special tone of the harp in the hands of a virtuouso improvising for you. Imagine the deep work Ingrid Naiman facilitated in me inspired from The Divine. A session allowed me to go very deep into the subconscious and at the same time to the highest dimensions.

I am so thankful to have experienced the beauty of live harp music in a healing session and the cooperation between these two highly skilled, professional women without a word being said.

Hanne Oustrup, Denmark




Gail Barber left her body on 19 November 2017.  She had two children, Robin and David, and two grandsons, Brandon and Travis. She also had many students, friends, and fans.  This website is one place where memories can be shared and preserved for posterity.  If you would like to contribute a statement, please contact Ingrid Naiman.