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A Turkish Fantasy
US $15.00
Millennium, 21 Inspirational Harpists Herald a New Era
US $15.00
Prayer, Inspirational, Therapeutic Harp Music
US $15.00

Gliere Harp Concerto, Live Performance with Encore of A Turkish Fantasy

Contains applause, unedited.

US $12.00
 Sheet Music by Gail Barber  
Jazz for Harp, Volume 1
US $15.00
Jazz for Harp, Volume 2
US $15.00
Windmill Sketches
US $15.00
Improvisation on a Familiar Melody
US $8.00
Greensleeves and The Minstrel Boy
US $10.00
Duet Album #1
US $15.00
Duet Album #2 (revised)
US $18.00
Duets for Harps
US $15.00

Pachelbel: Two Chaconnes for Solo Harp

Chaconne in D major
Chaconne in F minor

US $15.00

Bach: Prelude in E Minor and Siciliano

For two pedal harps or harp and organ .

US $15.00
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