Harp Retreat

Gail Barber and Louise Trotter, Instructors


Harps:  It is always more satisfying to have your own instrument. If you cannot bring your own, we will do our best to arrange for a rental harp to be delivered to the hotel.


Starting Off Right:  Good Technique for Good Tone Production

Modes and Their Uses

Computer Music Notation

Easy Steps To Modern Harmony and Chords, Part 1 & Part 2

Arranging, Pop and Classical Fake Books, Bass Patterns

Introductions, Endings, Modulation, Medleys

Creating Arpeggios, Glissandos, Special Effects for pedal & lever harps

Play in styles of Pop, Jazz, Latin, Country, Folk;  Basic Repertoire Suggestions

What Do I Play for Church?  Building a Classical Repertoire

Getting Around Accidentals on Lever Harps; Special Tunings

Accompanying a Singer or Other Instruments

Playing By Ear:  Determine Chords To Fit The Melody,  Improvisation

Healing Music:  Repertoire & Free-form Improvisation

Special Hands-On Beginner Classes will be taught by Gail in Music Reading, Rhythm, Technique, Tone Production, Beginning Composition and Easy Music in Various Styles

Music To Bring:

The following music will be used on the ensemble program:  (no photocopies, please).

Louise Trotter 
Arrangements & original music:

Aura Lee & Shortnin' Bread from American Heritage, Book 2. $10.

Opera House Waltz   $4.

Gail Barber 
Arrangements & original music:

A Chinese Tale from Duet Album #1,  $12.

O'Carolan's Air & Brian Boru's March from Duet Album #2 (Scottish-Irish Suite)  $10.


Gail's music can be ordered online or from your favorite harp music dealer or the instructors.

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