Many of Gail Barber's original compositions for harp relate to the culture or history of a country.  Windmill Sketches depicts scenes form the Southwest and the enchanting Turkish Fantasy takes one from a Sultan's Palace to Moonlight on the Bosporus.

Lever or Pedal Harp(s)
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Jazz for Harp, Volume 1

Jazz Waltz, A Little Blue, African Drums, Pensive, Booming Boogie

Original works in jazz style. Intermediate. No lever changes. Some are excellent for healing music.

Jazz for Harp, Volume 2

Spanish Blues, A Carol, Swinging Pentatonic Gliss, Barn Dance, Under Western Skies

Original works in jazz style.  Intermediate. No lever changes.

Swinging Pentatonic Gliss was performed (in unison) at 1998 AHS Conference by Texas Tech Harp Ensemble with great success.


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Windmill Sketches

Harp of the Western Wind (the windmill), Landscape:  Spanish Mission, Tag Around the Windmill, Morning Splendor, Indian Rain Dance, Crossing the Prairie, Dust Devil

Premiered at the American Harp Society National Conference in 1970. Historical scenes in the Southwest  Intermediate. No lever changes. Wonderful for healing!

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Improvisation on a Familiar Melody

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  (Variations)  Arr. By Gail Barber 

Moderately easy at first but becomes brilliant. Challenging, but fun.

Greensleeves and The Minstrel Boy

Traditional tunes arranged by Gail Barber

Very appealing musically.


Duet Album #1

Brahms' Lullabye, Scarborough Fair, A Chinese Tale

Wonderful for two harps or large groups. Easy to intermediate.


Two or More Lever or Pedal Harps
Duet Album #2
O'Carolan's Air , Minstrel Boy, Brian Boru's March

Wonderful for two harps or large groups. Easy to intermediate.


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Duets for Harps
Mexican Serenade:  Tricky lever changes on 2nd part but can be played on lever harp. Crowd pleaser. 
Dusk in the Sandias:  Pedal only. Intermediate.

Commissioned for AHS 1976 National Conference


Pedal Harp Only
Pachebel.gif (7412 bytes)
Pachelbel:  Two Chaconnes

Chaconne in D Major, Chaconne in F Minor

Well marked editions. The D Major can be played on a lever harp with minor alterations.  Intermediate. Musically sophisticated.


Two Pedal Harps or Harp and Organ
Bach.gif (9188 bytes) J.S. Bach:  Prelude and Siciliano

Intermediate technically, musically sophisticated.


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